Gravely ProTurn Zx60 with Kawasaki 23.5 engine – 991264



The Pro-Turn ZX is the mower that’s cracked the code for delivering great performance at a great value. Its solid construction will tackle the toughest commercial jobs and leave a beautifully manicured lawn in its wake. Don’t let its price point fool you, this mower was built to not just exceed expectations but to redefine them.

60″ Fabricated Deck
23.5 HP / 726 CC  Kawasaki® FX730V
5 gal (18.8 L)
8.5 / 4 mph (13.6 / 6.4 km/h)


Model #991264 

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Kawasaki FX Engine: Delivers reliable power and performance and is equipped with commercial canister air filtration for maximum power and torque, no matter how tough the conditions.

Seat Suspension: The seat is adjustable and has the new addition of a low-profile seat mechanism for added comfort.

Suspension Forks: Absorb those big impacts so your body doesn’t, further improving the ride and decreasing fatigue.