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Battery Watering Technologies

Did you know that batteries require water? Watering batteries for your golf cart is one of the most overlooked steps of battery maintenance. Watering regularly increases run time and your batteries’ longevity. We offer the Gravity Fill System by Battery Watering Technologies to make battery watering super simple and safe for $269.


Schauer Battery Maintainers

The Schauer 36V or 48V battery maintainer is a perfect choice to maintain your golf cart batteries.

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We are a proud dealer of Club Clean golf accessories. Club Clean has been around for 27 years and their high quality products have been staples in the golf industry for two decades. Below are some accessories we offer in our store here at H&H Golf Carts.

Club & Ball Washer

This ball and club cleaning system is the product that started it all! Club Clean Units are available in premium and standard colors! 

Club Clean is a unique patented product used by golfers around the world.

Rubber Floor Mat

Our Golf Cart Mats are 4mm thick, tough and lightweight no-slide mats. Made with natural rubber, Golf Cart Mats look great and protect your factory mats.  

Floor Protector

Floor Protector, is a versatile protective mat that guards against battery acid, petrochemicals, most solvents and gasoline. They are durable and long-lasting.

Cart Shine

Cart Shine is a light cream that cleans, polishes and protects all plastics, stainless steel, chrome, silver, and aluminum. 

Corrosion Shield

Club Clean Corrosion Shield helps to protect exposed metal surfaces from rust! Use Corrosion Shield to protect wires from corrosion and moisture. 


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