Crown Batteries


6V  [OUT OF STOCK] (CR205)
8V  [OUT OF STOCK] (CR150)
12V Call for current price (DCG155)

2-year pro-rated warranty, 90 day free exchange.
All require cores in exchange.

*Prices may be subject to change without prior notice. Stock available may vary.

Trojan Batteries


6v* (T105)
8v* (T875)
12v* (T1275)

*Call for Current Prices.



RoyPow Lithium Batteries

Available Now! Call for Pricing.

LiFeP04 Golf Cart Batteries

0 Maintenance
Up to 2.5 hrs quick charge time
5-year warranty
10-year battery life
Up to 100 miles mileage
>3500 life cycles
Eco Friendly


Schauer Chargers

The Schauer 36V or 48V chargers are perfect for keeping your golf cart batteries charged up.

The models we carry are as follows:

36Volt, model, JAC2036H
48Volt, model, JAC1548H


36V or 48V chargers
Call for prices.

Schauer Battery Maintainers

The Schauer 36V or 48V battery maintainer is a perfect choice to maintain your golf cart batteries.

The models we carry are

JAC0336MAN – 36 volts

JAC0348MAN – 48 volts

36V or 48V maintainers
Call for prices.

Links Battery Chargers

Links battery chargers provide the superior reliability, durability, and ruggedness expected of a Lester Electrical product. The natural convection cooled design offers excellent heat dissipation without the need for a cooling fan, enhancing reliability.
Note: Works on Club Cars 2014 and older.


Link Series 48V-13A 3-Pin Charger

Works with On board computer


Fits Club Car Powerdrive and IQ systems



Did you know that batteries require water? Watering batteries for your golf cart is one of the most overlooked steps of battery maintenance. Watering regularly increases run time and your batteries’ longevity. We offer the Gravity Fill System by Battery Watering Technologies to make battery watering super simple and safe for $269.


Battery Watering Schedule

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