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We update our golf cart inventory weekly. Please come back to see if we have what your looking for!

Financing Available
Like our phantom golf carts? Buy the set and we'll install it on your current precedent club car!

2012 Black and Cherry 
(In Stock 1/19/2015)

Custom Painted Body, Custom Venom Rims, Two tone overstuffed seats, Light package, Carbon Fiber Dash, Mirror, Tinted Windshield, $7546

2012 Electric Blue 
(In Stock 1/19/2015)

Custom painted body, Venom 12"Rims, Light package, Two tone seats, Black Top, New Batteries, Mirror, Tinted Windshield, Carbon fiber dash and steering wheel, $7593

2012 Custom Mocha 
(In Process) 

Custom paint, Light Package, Medusa Rims, Sunbrella Valances and Seat Covers, Windshield,

2010 Club Car In Stock Now

Black Body, Custom made overstuffed seats, Gold Medusa Rims, Light Package, Gold Pin Stripe, Windshield, Mirror, Cooler, Club and Ball Washer, Asking $6100

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Pink Glittery Zebra Cart

White body with Pink Glitter Clear Coat, Pink and White Zebra Seats, Light Package, Rear Seat kit with matching Zebra Seats, White roof, Windshield, Charger, 

Asking $5500 make an offer
Phantom Cart 
(In Stock 12/24/2014)

Pearl White Phantom Body, Light package with Turn Signal and Break Lights, New Batteries, Custom Seats, 80" White Roof, Rear Flip Flop seat kit, Chrome Hub Cabs


Cherry Red and Chocolate Custom 
(In Process)

Custom Painted Red, Gold Pin Stripe, Chocolate Brown Seats, Chocolate Brown Roof, Medusa Wheels, Light Package

Mocha Custom Cart 
(In process) 

Custom Painted Mocha, Custom Two Tone Seats, Burl Dash, Wheel, Armrest, Medusa Wheels, Cooler, Sand Bottles, Enclosure, Custom Painted Roof (Not Shown)Tinted Windshield, 

SOLD! $6672

2012 Blue Christmas Custom Cart
(In Stock 12/24/2014)

Custom Painted Blue Body,Custom Steering Wheel and Column, Titanium Dash and lock box,  Blue Medusa Wheels, Light Package, Custom Two Tone Seats, Tinted Windshield 


Custom Lifted Black Cart- Loaded
(We can do this to YOUR current cart!)

Lift Kit, Street Legal Tires on Custom 14" Rims, Decals, Custom Seats, Burl Armrests, Enclosure, Side rear view mirrors, Club and Ball Washer, Cooler, Sandbottles

Fully Loaded 2013 Gun Metal Cart 
(In Stock 12/24/2014)

Gun metal paint, Stingray Seats, Custom 12" Rims, Light package, Tinted Windshield, Cooler, Sunbrella Decorative Valance, Mirror


2010 Used Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger
(In Stock 12.21.2014)

New Body, New head and tail lights, Hub Caps, Windshield, Rear flip flop seat kit, Automatic Charger, Priced at $4350 

SALE $4299
2010 Used Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger 
(In Stock 12.21.2014) 

New Body, New head and tail lights, Windshield, Hub caps, Automatic Charger, Priced at $4350

Sale $4299
2010 Used Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger 
(In Stock 11.12.2014)

New body, New head and tail lights, Windshield, Hub Caps, Automatic Charger, Rear flip flop seat kit, Priced at $4350

Sale $4299
2011 Used Club Car Champion 
(In Stock 10/22/2014)

New Body, Over stuffed seats, Head and tail lights, 10" Rims, Bag Protector, Priced at $3995
Available in Blue and Black
2010 Used Club Car DS 
(In Stock 10/22/2014)

New Body, Head and Tail Lights, Hub Caps, Good batteries, Priced at $3595
2009 Used Club Car Precedent
(In Stock 10/22/2014)

Custom Brown, Windshield, 4- passenger kit, Good Batteries,
Priced at $3595 

Custom 2008 Used Precedent

FAST CART! Custom Silver Body, Custom Carbon Fiber Dash, Custom Steering Whee and Column, Custom 10" Venom Rims, New tinted windshield, Cooler, Club and Ball washer, Priced at $4895

2010 Custom Painted Kiwi
( In Stock 10/22/2014)

Custom Painted Kiwi Green, Brush Guard, Mirrored Rims, UV Protection Shady's, Lifted, Priced at $5895

2008 Used Club Car DS
(In Stock 11/12/2014)

New Body, White Roof, White Seats, Lights, Grill, Upgraded Batteries, Upgraded Tires and Rims, Priced at $4495

2011 Used Club Car Precedent
(SOLD!! More in process) 

Custom Mocha Body, Custom Seats, Custom Painted Rood, Tinted Windshield, Medusa Rims, Lights and Turn Signals, New 8Volt Batteries, Priced at $5995 

2009 EZ-Go TXT
(In Stock 10/22/2014)

Super Clean Cart! Priced at $2795

2010 Used Precedent
(In Stock 11/12/2014)

New Body, Lights, Upgraded Batteries, Priced at $3995

2010 Used Precedent
(In Stock 11/12/2014 More colors available)

New Body, Head and Tail Lights, Upgraded Batteries, Priced at $3995

2009 Custom "Saltlife" RXV
(In Stock (11/12/2014)

Custom painted Saltlife, Head and tail lights, Four passenger kit, Lift kit, Oversized tire and rims, Priced at $6740

Custom Margarita Parrot Cart

(SOLD! Going to the Island!)

New Phantom Orange Body, Custom Seats, Rear Seat Kit, Long White Roof, Lights, Lift Kit, New Batteries, Heavy Duty Leaf Springs, Mirror, Priced at $7256

SALE $6499
2008 Pre-Owned Club Car Precedent
(In Stock 11/5/2014)

Beige body, Good Tires, Windshield, Automatic Charger

Priced at $2700

2008 Ez-Go TXT GAS

(In Stock 11/8/2014)

New Custom Body, 6" Lift Kit, Burl Dash, All Terrain Tires, Custom Rims, Priced at $4850

SALE $4699
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